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Welcome to White Pickets! 

Join the household of a disturbed family who are secretly trying to kill each other. Collect and throw bombs to blow up family members, but be careful not to get caught! Watch for signs that people are coming up to check on the noise you're making, and don't blow things up when the front door is open, or you'll be taken away by the authorities!

This is a two to four-player party game following the theme "Reality is often inaccurate". Connect your controllers and run the executable to start playing!

This game was made for the Epic Megajam by three people, with a development time of one week. It was made using Unreal Engine 4.

3D Art:  Lotte de Jonge
2D Art: Marjolein van der Aa 
Tech/Audio: Tom Kemna


WhitePickets.zip 151 MB

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